H&S Level 4

Occupational Health and Safety Practice

To achieve the SVQ Level 4 Occupational Health & Safety Practice candidates must complete all of these units.

Mandatory Units   
PROHSP2 Promote a Positive Health and Safety Culture Unit Details
PROHSP4 Develop and Implement Effective Communication Systems for Health and Safety Information Unit Details
PROHSP5 Develop and Maintain Individual and Organisational Competence in Health and Safety Matters Unit Details
PROHSP6 Control Health and Safety Risks Unit Details
PROHSP7 Develop, Implement and Review Proactive Monitoring Systems for Health and Safety Unit Details
PROHSP8 Develop, Implement and Review Reactive Monitoring Systems for Health and Safety Unit Details
 PROHSP11 Develop, Implement Health and Safety Review Systems Unit Details
 PROHSP14 Develop, Implement, and Monitor Behavioural Safety in the Workplace Unit Details
Optional  Units   
 PROHSP15 Manage Contractors to Ensure Compliance with Health and Safety Unit Details
 PROHSP16 Develop and Implement Health and Safety Induction Processes Unit Details
PROHSP13 Influence and Keep Pace with Improvements in Health and Safety Practice Unit Details
PROHSP3 Develop and Implement the Health and Safety Policy Unit Details
PROHSP10 Develop, Implement Health & Safety Emergency Response Systems and Procedures Unit Details