Personal Development

Often appearing as an afterthought on an annual review and easily overlooked in the every day work environment why should personal development be prioritised?

Managing Personal Development

At every stage in their careers employees are expected to take on new tasks. We are only human, levelling up can take a little help.  Oaks Training and Development Ltd believe providing expert support can smooth the learning curve and job satisfaction.  We provide a non judgemental and confidential service to support people at any stage. Work can become overwhelming, performance and the ability to achieve goals with confidence can be greatly enhanced with expert help.  

Specialising in support for managers and the entrepreneurs amongst us, our services are designed for those who wish to rise to a challenge.  Getting a new business off the ground, providing leadership, managing projects or peoples performance at work take up a substantial part of these roles we can support your progression.

If you want to make it official

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the commitment to structured skill enhancement. A way for professionals to learn and develop throughout their careers, keeping their skills and knowledge up to date working safely, legally and effectively.

Our personal development services are as unique as each role.  We enable you to combine a personalised training experience with an official SQA qualification.

Professional Development Awards (PDA’s) in Management and Leadership are industry recognised standards.

We can also tailor specific units from Management or Business & Administration to your requirements.

Our Personal Development Manager will work with each client or team throughout their vocational training offering advice, guidance and support. The bespoke course will be tailored specifically to your personal and business requirements and consistent with SQA standards.

Companies and technology are evolving faster than ever before. We know how to accommodate change in today’s working environment. Speak to us about your requirements to move forward with confidence.

If you would like more information please contact us.